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Home Library FundRaiser University Using Reports to Help Organize Your Major Donor Drive
Using Reports to Help Organize Your Major Donor Drive

by Gene Weinbeck

At all times, keeping track of details is necessary in your fundraising, and especially so when one visit to a donor has the potential of raising a large amount of money for your organization. Reports bring together important details and make it easier to get a handle on the facts you need to know to be successful in raising larger sums of money. They help you keep track of which solicitors are responsible for which donors, and provide your solicitors with the background information they need on each donor.

Step 1: Create a List of your Major Donors

For all reports, you need to start off by deciding who your major donors are. This may be anyone who has given $100, $500, $5000, or whatever you decide. For more help on deciding who your major donors are see  What makes a Gift Major.

Then set a query based on whatever parameters you have set to define major donors. Once that  query created, open it and decide which solicitors will contact which donors. For more on deciding which solicitors should contact with donor prospects see Working with Donor Solicitors.

Reports bring together important details and make it easier to get a handle on the facts you need to know to be successful in raising larger sums of money.

Now working from this query, you can create the reports that will help you with your solicitors.

Step 2: Print Solicitor/Donor Tracking Report and Donor Profile Report for Each Solicitor

These two reports contain basic information that your donor solicitors need.

Major Donor Report

To help you track which donors are assigned to each of your solicitors,use the Print menu's Major Donor Report (designed to satisfy the reporting requirements of the US IRS Schedule A Form 990). After you print this report, mark on it which donors have been assigned to which solicitors.

Donor Profiles

Your solicitors will need as much information about each donor as you can give them. Not just name, address, and phone number, but their giving history, previous contacts, notes and more. For more information on what to include see this araticle on Major Donors. This report is one page or more per donor and is studied by the solicitor before calling on a major donor.

We call this the Donor Profile and create it with a form letter template in the word processor. Each copy of FundRaiser comes with a "Generic Donor Profile" form letter template that you can edit in the FundRaiser Word Processor to create just what you need. Some organizations add a work area to the bottom of the profile for the solicitor to fill out when they contacted the donor and what the results were.

Once you have created your Donor Profile template, it’s a simple matter to print them. Choose "Letters" from the Print menu choices.

Once printed, you will have a stack of these "letter reports". Using the Major Donor Report as a guide, sort these into piles to give to each solicitor.

Growth Path

In FundRaiser Select and Pro, more options are available for reporting. One is the Solicitor Summary Report, which enables a manager to see at a glance how each Solicitor is doing. Another is the the Pledge and Gift Report. Unlike the Donor Report, which displays only donations received, this report also shows commitments (pledges).  It displays all pledge and non-pledge gift details for each donor, plus his or her total combined commitment. They present that detail in a way that enables you to analyze patterns and effectiveness.

Gene Weinbeck is founder and CEO of FundRaiserSoftware. In his free time he enjoys drumming and geocaching.


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